AMD will present Instinct gas pedals with CDNA architecture already on November 16.

AMD will present Instinct gas pedals with CDNA architecture already on November 16.

Back in late July, AMD's presentation promised to bypass the NVIDIA A100 Single Precision Computing Accelerator with its own solution called Instinct MI100 on a new CDNA architecture chip. As it became known today, products with CDNA architecture will be unveiled by the company on November 16.

Image Source: AMD

This information came to us quite casually while studying the October edition of AMD corporate identity book, which anyone can get in the service section of the company's website for partners. The book was updated to reflect the new style of the Radeon logo, which was unified with the font used to identify Ryzen processors, and the information about Instinct gas pedals was not particularly striking.

Source of the image: AMD

Still, AMD found it necessary to warn a casual reader that information about the Instinct family of computing gas pedals is subject to a nondisclosure subscription until November 16 this year. Which is typical, following the example of NVIDIA, the company has excluded from the official name of the gas pedals association with gaming graphics cards & ; « Radeon » in this sense became atavism.

Source of image: AMD

In addition to the flagship Instinct MI100, the family will feature Instinct V640 and Instinct V620 gas pedals. Most likely, all three models will be able to be combined into computational clusters with similar ones. Senior Instinct MI100 will allow to combine from four to eight gas pedals in one system. There is even an image of a fragment of the cooling system casing of this product and its advertising banner.

Image source: AMD

AMD explains that Instinct products can be called both processors and GPUs (graphics processors), but it is not allowed to write their names in capital letters. In the future, the CDNA architecture will develop independently, regardless of RDNA game graphics.

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