Intel will remain the semiconductor market leader by 2020. AMD and NVIDIA will strengthen their position in the semiconductor market

Intel will remain the semiconductor market leader by 2020. AMD and NVIDIA will strengthen their position in the semiconductor market

Despite the COVID-19 pandemic, this year the semiconductor industry has proven to be one of the most sustainable microelectronics industries. Analysts note that amid the global recession in most business areas, the pandemic has also triggered an acceleration in global digitalization, which has led to steady growth in the semiconductor manufacturing market.

Experts of IC Insights analytical company have published a fresh forecast concerning more than a dozen of the world's largest integrated circuit manufacturers as of November 2020. This year the list of 15 largest manufacturers includes eight American, two South Korean, Taiwanese, European and one Japanese company. According to forecasts, on the whole, thanks to the leading suppliers of integrated circuits, this year the global semiconductor market will be able to show a 13% growth compared to last year, which is more than twice higher than previous expectations. For comparison, in 2019 total semiconductor shipments, by contrast, dropped 15% year-on-year. Specialists from IC Insights predict that each of the companies on the list at the end of this year will be able to generate at least $ 9.5 billion revenue. At the same time, the total income of the semiconductor industry this year will amount to more than $ 355 billion. This year the first five largest suppliers of integrated circuits will remain unchanged. The leadership will be maintained by Intel, which will be able to demonstrate revenue growth up to $73.9 billion by 2020, which is 4% more than last year. The second place will be occupied by Samsung with revenue of $60.5 billion & ; the growth against last year will be 9%. Third place with revenue of $45.4 billion will take TSMC, showing a 31% increase over the current year. Such a high rise, experts IC Insights explain the increased demand for 5- and 7-nm semiconductor products of the Taiwanese manufacturer from companies such as Apple and HiSilicon, which use it in their smartphones. The fourth place will belong to SK Hynix, which at the end of the year will generate $26.5 billion, which is 14% more than last year. The top five will shut down Micron with revenues of $21.7 billion, which is 3% less than last year.

According to the forecast, the rating of 15 leading suppliers of semiconductor products this year will get MediaTek and AMD. As a result, both companies will show revenue growth of 35% and 41%, respectively. The share of the first this year will be $10.8 billion, and the second & ; $9.5 billion. Thanks to this, MediaTek will rise 5 positions higher in the ranking, taking 11th place, and AMD will close the list at 15th position. Presented in the table of the leading suppliers of semiconductor products company Apple analysts call no more than « anomaly ». American manufacturer develops and uses integrated circuits only in its own solutions, not supplying semiconductor products to the global market. Nevertheless, experts IC Insights, believe that the value of sales of its products in 2020 will be $10 billion, which will allow it to place on the 13th line of the ranking of the largest suppliers of the semiconductor market.

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