Ryzen 3 4300G


AMD Ryzen 3 4300G Review 

    We have another OEM only processor from the AMD Ryzen series. Ryzen 3 4300G processor was freshly released by AMD. Its release date is 21 July 2020. Therefore, the processor is designed on Zen 2 microarchitecture and It is suitable for desktop computers. Yet, as we said in the beginning, it is an OEM only product which cannot be purchased by individual customers. It means you need to find a particular model and setup from a manufacturer that is built on the Ryzen 3 4300G. 

    But we are still going to give you the basic info on its specifications. 

AMD Ryzen 3 4300G Specifications

    Firstly, it is a Zen 2 processor, so you see many improvements in various aspects, compared to its predecessors. Thus, let’s start with the total number of cores which are 4 and there are 8 threads. Of course, for many enthusiasts, the core count and thread count are important but, they also seek to have Simultaneous Multithreading Technology. Because this innovative technology allows multi-threading processes to be noticeably smooth and stable. 

    The base clock is 3.8GHz while the maximum processor clock frequency, when boosted, is up to 4.0 GHz.

Cache size: L1 - 256 KB, L2 - 2 MB, L3 - 4 MB.

Supported memory type: DDR4-3200. 

Maximum memory size supported: 64 GB.

Supported socket type: AM4. 

Power consumption (TDP): 65 Watt.

    Lastly, it is a desktop APU. So, you also have an integrated graphics card on the Ryzen 3 4300G. Here are the basic specifications of this integrated video processing unit; Radeon Vega 6 graphics are integrated into the processor with 6 cores operating at 1700 MHz. 

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