Ryzen 5 4600GE


Ryzen 5 4600GE

AMD Ryzen 5 4600GE 

    In this year, AMD introduced the Ryzen 4000 Series Desktop Hybrid Processors including Ryzen 4600GE (OEM only). These are the world's first hybrid processors with x86 architecture on a 7-nanometer processor with integrated graphics card, according to the company.

“OEM only means that individually, users cannot purchase the CPU but only the PC manufacturers can reach them to use in their products.”

    The processors use Zen 2 architecture alongside Radeon Vega graphics. 

    The OEM Only Ryzen 4000G model range is as follows:

    Ryzen 7 4700G - 8 cores/16 threads, TDP 65W, 4.4 GHz (Max. Boost) and 3.6 GHz (Base) GHz, 8 graphic cores, 2100 MHz

    Ryzen 5 4600G - 6 cores/12 threads, TDP 65W, 4.2 GHz (Max. Boost) and 3.7 GHz (Base) GHz, 7 graphic cores, 1900 MHz

    Ryzen 3 4300G - 4 cores/8 threads, TDP 65W, 4 GHz (Max. Boost) and 3.8 GHz (Base) GHz, 6 graphic cores, 1700 MHz

    Ryzen 7 4700GE - 8 cores/16 threads, TDP 35W, 4.3 GHz (Max. Boost) and 3.1 GHz (Base) GHz, 8 graphic cores, 2000 MHz

    Ryzen 5 4600GE - 6 cores/12 threads, TDP 35W, 4.2 GHz (Max. Boost) and 3.3 GHz (Base) GHz, 7 graphic cores, 1900 MHz

    Ryzen 3 4300GE - 4 cores/8 threads, TDP 35W, 4 GHz (Max. Boost) and 3.5 GHz (Base) GHz, 6 graphic cores, 1700 MHz

According to the technology rumours, Ryzen 4000G desktop models will be available in Lenovo and HP pre-built systems starting from the third quarter of this year. For now, It is not expected that Ryzen 4000G series will be sold to retailers, and for this reason we have no price information for these models. 

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