Future Intel and AMD server processors have been sequenced

Future Intel and AMD server processors have been sequenced

The first half of next year should see the arrival of Intel's highly anticipated 10nm Ice Lake-SP server processors and their potential competitors & ; AMD EPYC processors from the Milan family, which combine 7nm production technology with Zen 3 architecture. The first AMD 5nm processors in this segment will not appear before the second quarter of 2022.

Image source: AMD

The sequence of release of new Intel and AMD server processors was reported yesterday by DigiTimes website, citing information from Taiwanese server-class cooling system manufacturers. It is underlined that mass deliveries of Intel Ice Lake-SP processors will not start before the second quarter. Intel has recently repeatedly reported that it expects to roll out shipments in the middle of the first quarter, but from a logistical standpoint this discrepancy is understandable. As you may recall, Intel expects to introduce 10nm Sapphire Rapids processors late next year, but Taiwanese sources are convinced it won't do so until the first quarter of 2022. A year later, Intel's first 7nm server processors will be unveiled under the Granite Rapids designation. Finally, in 2024 there will be Diamond Rapids processors, which will be manufactured using an improved version of the 7nm technology. On the further plans of AMD is said to be rather modest, mentioning company's intentions to offer in the second quarter of 2022 EPYC processors of Genoa family with Zen 4 architecture, which the company is currently developing. TSMC will produce these 5nm processors, which gives an indication of the approximate timing of the other Genoa products. It is believed that 5nm technology will be used not only by NVIDIA, but also by Intel to manufacture performance components.

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