Intel DG2 discrete graphics can challenge AMD and NVIDIA graphics cards for $600

Intel DG2 discrete graphics can challenge AMD and NVIDIA graphics cards for $600

It's been known since last year that Intel will resort to third-party contract manufacturers to accelerate the launch of discrete Xe-HPG gaming-grade graphics solutions. Now, knowledgeable sources say that TSMC will start producing DG2 chips with 7nm technology for Intel this year.

Image source: Intel

Reuters has been informed through two independent channels that the production of DG2 GPUs will be outsourced to TSMC using an advanced version of 7nm technology. Earlier rumours on the subject often referred in this context to TSMC's so-called 6nm process, which introduces an extra layer of processing using ultra-hard ultraviolet lithography (EUV), but retains all of the developer's toolset suitable for creating 7nm products. According to Reuters, DG2-based graphics solutions will be aimed at the gaming PC market and could be unveiled either late this year or early next year, with Intel's new products competing with gaming graphics cards based on AMD and NVIDIA chips at $400 to $600. The bid, it must be said, is serious, even taking into account the upward trend in gaming graphics card prices in recent years. The last time Intel offered consumer class graphics cards on the retail market was at the end of the last century. To all appearances, in the server segment, the development of Intel GPUs will take a separate path. The company expects to master in-house production of 10nm Arctic Sound (Xe-HP) graphics processors, which will be able to combine four crystals on a single substrate to increase aggregate performance.

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