Samsung has promised AMD graphics as early as the next generation of Exynos processors

Samsung has promised AMD graphics as early as the next generation of Exynos processors

At the Exynos 2100 launch event today, Samsung announced that its collaboration with AMD to integrate RDNA graphics architecture into Exynos chips has borne fruit.

President of Samsung System LSI (mobile chips, image sensors, neuroprocessors, security chips and mobile displays) Dr Inyup Kang confirmed during the event that the company is building next-generation mobile graphics with AMD, which will be launched in its next flagship product. That's all that was said on the subject. What exactly was meant by the next flagship product remains a mystery. One would hope that a new single-chip system with AMD graphics would come out no later than the Galaxy Note21 (although there are rumours of the Galaxy Note series being discontinued). Perhaps the flagship with AMD GPU will be the Galaxy Z Fold 3 or another bendable smartphone?

All in all, it's very likely that a new Exynos chip with AMD integrated graphics will be available before the end of this year. The actual products will probably not appear until early 2022 (though, I'd like to be wrong and see the fruits of AMD and Samsung's collaboration as early as possible). It's not yet clear whether we're talking about using RDNA architecture or RDNA 2 already (perhaps it will be their mobile hybrid). The latest Exynos 2100 is the 5nm chip that will underpin the Galaxy S21 in most markets. It uses standard ARM cores in a bundle of one most powerful Cortex-X1 @2.9GHz, three performance Cortex-A78 and three power-efficient Cortex-A55. LPDDR5 RAM and UFS 3.1 storage are supported. ARM Mali G78 is used as graphics, there is a powerful neural processor, a new 5G modem and an improved signal processor. Samsung has also released a promotional video for this single-chip system:

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