AMD has given France the Neowise HPC cluster for COVID-19 research

AMD has given France the Neowise HPC cluster for COVID-19 research

Throughout the coronavirus pandemic, AMD has been supporting the research community. It established the COVID-19 High Performance Computing Fund (COVID-19 HPC Fund) last April, with investments through which it has already reached $20 million and a total computing power of 12 Pflops. In April 2021 the fund delivered HPC-equipment to Stuttgart Center for High Performance Computing, and now the French organizations GENCI and Inria received significant computing resources.

They received a Neowise cluster consisting of ten nodes, each with one 48-core AMD Epyc 7642 processor, eight Radeon Instinct MI50 gas pedals, and 512 GB of RAM. The nodes are interconnected by InfiniBand HDR interconnect (200Gbps). Neowise, created by Penguin Computing in collaboration with AMD, is still in the testing phase, but researchers already have access to it to perform tasks on the Grid'5000 platform. GENCI, which coordinates French HPC resources, and the National Research Institute for Digital Science and Technology (Inria) were chosen to receive a donation from AMD's 2020 fund. According to the organizations, they will need Neowise's computing resources for a range of projects & ; from optimizing data analysis tools for lung imaging to modeling virus transmission in local populations. «COVID-19 research must continue in order to return to normal» & ; said a joint statement from Gerbeau Philippe Lavocat, GENCI CEO, and Mario Silveira, AMD general manager & ; «The work being done using AMD-based servers is the epitome of that aspiration».

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