Akasa unveils copper "turbine" cooler for AMD Ryzen

Akasa unveils copper

Akasa announced a low-profile cooler codenamed AK-CC1109BP01: the novelty is designed to run AMD AM4 CPUs.

The product has a height of only 27.6 mm. The design provides an all-copper heatsink. The solution can be used with chips whose TDP reaches 75W. The radiator is blown by a tangential fan («turbine») with the size of 77 × 75 × 15 mm. Rotation speed is controlled by pulse-width modulation (PWM) in the range of 1200 to 5500 rpm. Airflow up to 20 cubic meters per hour is generated, with noise levels ranging from 18.0 to 45.99 dBA. Maximum static pressure & ; 20.66 mm water column.

The fan is double ball bearing. Claimed service life is up to 80,000 hours at 25 degrees Celsius. A spring loaded mounting is provided. The cooler measures 104 × 75,94 × 27,6 mm and weighs & ; 367 g. No word yet on when or how much it will be sold;

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