Fractal Design cut off from the Meshify 2 \"all unnecessary\" and introduced a more affordable Meshify 2 Lite cost from 128 euros

Fractal Design cut off from the Meshify 2 \

Fractal Design has announced a simplified version of its popular computer case Meshify 2.
The new, called Meshify 2 Lite, has fewer removable components and is offered at a lower price than the original model.Image source: Fractal DesignThe size of the case has not changed.
They are 542 × 240 × 474 mm.
Meshify 2 Lite variant still allows you to install E-ATX, ATX, Micro-ATX and Mini-ITX mainboards, large coolers, power supplies up to 353 mm and processor coolers up to 185 mm height.
Moreover, the new chassis allows you to install larger graphics cards up to 451-476 mm in length, while the original model allowed installation of cards 290 to 470 mm long depending on the use or lack of a liquid cooling system.
At the same time, the hull weight has decreased.
It weighs 9.6-9.8kg instead of 10.1-10.5kg.
Fractal Design Meshify 2 RGB Fractal Design Meshify 2 LiteThe most significant change was the case chassis, which lost several removable elements.
For example, if the original Meshify 2 offers the ability to install as much as 16 drives of different sizes, the Lite can only install up to 6 drives.
The top cover of the case is fixed, unlike the original version, which can be removed to install the cooler of the cooler and is equipped with a dust filter.
The Lite version also has a top filter, but it is made in the form of an ordinary mesh with magnets.
The front panel of the case has also changed.
The filter is now firmly attached to the metal front mesh, rather than being a removable element, as in the original model.
Fortunately, the changes did not affect the cooling capabilities of the case.
The novelty still offers two or three pre-installed 140mm fans as part of the front panel, as well as one 140mm fan in the rear.
Three 140mm or three 120mm \"swirlers\" can be installed on top.
In general, the support for installing additional \"propellers\" has not changed compared to the original model.
Other changes are less significant, but they also reduce the possibilities of the hull.
For example, the Lite-version was deprived of the included original Meshify 2 controller for connecting fans.
The manufacturer offers the user to buy the necessary board or connect the fans directly to the motherboard.
The simplified chassis does not have two vertical expansion slots for graphics card installation.
Instead of them there is a usual rear panel grid.
But perhaps this is even for the best.
The vertical installation of the graphics card meant that the gas pedal's fans were very close to the glass side panel of the case, which significantly reduced their performance.
Also of note was one missing USB Type-C port on the front panel.
Its place was taken by the USB 3.2 Type-A port.
The last change that should be highlighted is related to the bottom casing under which the power supply is hidden - there is a hole for routing cables.
This is a purely aesthetic remark, which should not affect the quality of cooling.
Image source: ComputerBase.eThe same as the original Meshify 2, which also comes in a new version with RGB-fans, the Lite model is also available with and without RGB-backlit pre-installed fans.
For now, the manufacturer has only announced a glass side panel variant of the case.
Whether there are plans to release a model with a blank metal wall, as in the case of the conventional Meshify 2 - is still unknown.
Meshify 2 Lite will be available in black and black and white.
The company has tried to simplify the body, getting rid of many not the most obvious and useful things.
But now it has become more attractive to a wider audience of buyers.
If the original version is offered in the price range from 154 to 180 euros, depending on the number of pre-installed fans and the presence of RGB illumination, the Meshify 2 Lite is priced by the company at 128-150 euros.

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