The first road with wireless charging for electric cars will appear in the U.S.

The first road with wireless charging for electric cars will appear in the U.S.</br>

The piggy bank of unusual global transportation solutions will soon be added to the American project.
A road that provides wireless charging for electric cars will be commissioned in Detroit next year.
In the future, the system could be useful for dedicated bus lanes or for areas where traffic jams often occur and cars have to stand for a long time.Image source: ElestrainThe Israeli company Electreon is responsible for the project, which plans to finish construction already in 2023.
Test road will be only one mile long (about 1.6 km).
It is known that under the road there will be charging induction coils, connected to the power grid.
Electric cars will need a special receiver - similar to smartphones - to get power.
The system does not work without an active receiving device within reach and will be safe for others.
It will get a modular design and if the road is damaged, the work will not stop - each coil is connected to the power grid in parallel.How much power the electric car will get will depend on the design of the car itself and how fast it moves.
Of course, the road will not be able to fully charge the battery, especially over such a short distance, but it is able to provide some energy, enough to get to the nearest charging station.According to a representative of Electreon, the optimal location of charging coils will be under the dedicated lanes for public transport, since the traffic moves here predictably and regularly.
In addition, the system can be useful in places with frequent traffic jams - you can recharge your battery while standing in a traffic jam.
At the same time, the charging will not be free - the user will receive a bill for payment.Something similar is already being implemented in other areas.
For example, the Logitech Powerplay system involves using a special mat to charge a wireless mouse directly at work.

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