New problems with GeForce RTX 4090 - Genuine PSU cables with 12+4-pin connector also melt

New problems with GeForce RTX 4090 - Genuine PSU cables with 12+4-pin connector also melt

Late last month some owners of NVIDIA GeForce RTX 4090 graphics cards reported that their power adapters with four 8-pin connectors on one side and 12+4 pin 12VHPRW connector on the other side burnt out.
Now on Reddit and Facebook* there were reports about cases of melting of not only adapters, but also of native 12VHPRW power cables from ATX 3.0 power supplies.Image source: Ricky TO / Facebook*Despite quite a high price of GeForce RTX 4090, the gas pedal is one of the best options for gamers.
However, against this backdrop, it's not the price of the graphics card that scares consumers away, but the fact that the included 12+4-pin power adapter could be dangerous.
Only on Reddit there were 18 such cases with video cards from different vendors.
NVIDIA responded to these reports and launched an investigation, instructing vendors to return faulty graphics cards to the lab to investigate the problem.One Reddit community member was using an MSI GeForce RTX 4090 Gaming X Trio 24G graphics card and a MED Ai1300P power supply.
At that time there were some reports on the Internet about possible melting of the video card adapter, so he decided to use an ATX 3.0 power supply with a native 12VHPWR connector.
However, after a short period of use, the power connector of the graphics card still melted, which can be seen in the photos posted by the user.
MSI has reportedly contacted the user and offered to replace the video card and power supply.NVIDIA has not yet made an official statement following the investigation.
Perhaps, the manufacturer is still trying to figure out the causes of the problem.
At the moment we know about the cases of 12+4-pin connector melting, but it can't be excluded that the problem is not in the connector design.
It could be that the cause of the meltdown is the 12VHPWR connector, poor quality components or the video card itself in combination with different factors.
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Manufacturers have started replacing the power adapters that come with the GeForce RTX 4090

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