About Us

    We have a simple objective; to inform. Our team’s greatest motivation is curiosity. In today’s computer world, Ryzen CPUs have created some kind of revolution. Nobody can deny that before the Ryzen architecture, the mainstream processor market was almost a monopoly. As a technologically driven team, we appreciate every single innovative move. And the AMD Ryzen has been successfully doing that for many years now. Thus, we enjoy sharing the in-use effects of these innovations and developments offered by the Ryzen family. We also like to illustrate a general scope for different user types. Our studies and critics are relatable for almost everyone from ordinary PC users to Pro-Gamers or to broadcasters. As we keep working on the Ryzen architecture, we also explore other information about different parts of a system. We try different combinations including different Ryzen models with GPUs, RAMs, BIOS’, motherboards, etc. Therefore, our work always pursues the optimum design. In other words, we make users know about first-hand user experience.

    We also try to make people realize the seemingly little details and how important they actually are. The unique technologies and extensions that AMD use such as; APU, XFR, AMD-V, Precision Boost, AMD64, SSE4, Turbo Core, the Zen Architecture, AMD Ryzen Master Utility and etc. are some of the significant technologies that many uısers wouldn’t pay attention to. Yet, as RyzenCpu.com, we prepare detailed information on the development and use of those features.

    Briefly, we aim to inspire users’ decisions on choosing the best system parts that meet their interests and needs. But we do not only present complicated -sometimes hard to understand for the average user- numerical data, in contrast, we do provide comprehensible analysis for any user.

We admire revolutionary innovation and we’ll keep letting users know more about it.

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