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Intel and AMD are poised for a worse PC market this year than predicted
NVIDIA: gamers need to realize that current graphics card prices are \"normal\"
In a year and a half of the cryptocurrency boom, AMD and NVIDIA made as much money on graphics cards as in six years
For NVIDIA, the situation in the gaming graphics card segment will start to change for the better in January
Intel CEO says that the company will continue to lose market positions, but everything will change in 2025
NVIDIA reported collapsed sales of graphics cards in the second quarter and expects further decline in the third quarter
The global semiconductor industry's capital spending for 2021 and 2022 will exceed $338 billion
Back in the 90s: Desktop CPU sales have slipped to the level of 30 years ago
NVIDIA's gaming graphics card sales plummeted 44% in the quarter: Company blames \"macroeconomic situation\"
Decline in mining will force NVIDIA to say goodbye to super profits for years to come
Year-end notebook production will decrease by 17%, which will hurt Intel and AMD
The decline in demand for chips in the second half of the year will hit mature processors the hardest
TSMC controls 70% of global production of chips for smartphones
Capital spending in the semiconductor industry could be cut by 16% next year
AMD's consumer CPU and GPU sales will drop 6-7% in 2023, but consoles and EPYC will make up for it
Since the beginning of last year, miners have spent about $3 billion buying video cards
Intel is losing ground - it could be overtaken for the first time by TSMC in Q2 revenue
ASUS and Gigabyte are preparing for a 25% drop in motherboard sales at once
AMD is capable of capturing up to 40% of the server processor market, JPMorgan analysts believe
Morgan Stanley analysts think that Intel underestimates the difficulties of contract business development