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From 2024, NIO will start producing its own 800-volt traction batteries
Lightyear is ready to start production of a solar electric car that can drive for months without recharging
The Ministry of Transport has proposed measures to stimulate the distribution of electric cars in the regions
Chinese electric car maker NIO resented the actions of AMD, which announced the cooperation
Samsung SDI has decided to make its new batteries the same size as the Tesla 4680
BMW and Ford will get Solid Power solid-state battery samples for electric cars by the end of the year
GM expects to reduce the cost of traction batteries for electric cars by 60%
In April, BYD managed to break into second place in the ranking of the largest lithium battery suppliers
State-subsidized electric car charging stations in Russia must now have a Chinese GB/T connector
The first road with wireless charging for electric cars will appear in the U.S.</br>
Panasonic sent Tesla first samples of battery cells type 4680
Lamborghini believes there will be room for hybrids on the market even after 2030
The Chinese electric car BYD Seal has a body-integrated battery and a price tag starting at $32,000
Korean battery makers prepare to build 11 factories in the US
Hyundai will invest about $5.54 billion in electric car and battery production in the US
The Swedish company Northvolt has started commercial deliveries of traction batteries manufactured in Europe
Tesla's body-integrated battery can be replaced, but half of the car must be disassembled
Chinese authorities are mulling extending the electric car subsidy program for this year
Tesla Supercharger stations are now available in the UK, Spain, Sweden, Belgium and Austria to charge any electric vehicle
Anodes with high silicon content will allow Mercedes-Benz to put an electric Gelandewagen on the assembly line by 2025