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Hyundai will invest about $5.54 billion in electric car and battery production in the US
The Swedish company Northvolt has started commercial deliveries of traction batteries manufactured in Europe
Tesla's body-integrated battery can be replaced, but half of the car must be disassembled
Chinese authorities are mulling extending the electric car subsidy program for this year
Tesla Supercharger stations are now available in the UK, Spain, Sweden, Belgium and Austria to charge any electric vehicle
Anodes with high silicon content will allow Mercedes-Benz to put an electric Gelandewagen on the assembly line by 2025
New energy vehicle sales surpass 2 million units for the quarter
Israeli StoreDot demonstrated ultra-fast charging technology - 160 km of range in 5 minutes
Tesla electric cars began warning owners about periods of peak power consumption
Ford is ready to use LFP batteries in the current generation of electric cars
Tesla will recall 130,000 electric cars due to problems with AMD Ryzen processors overheating during fast charging
So far, Tesla has received only a small fraction of its batteries for recycling from customer vehicles
Natron to launch mass production of sodium-ion batteries with 50,000 charging cycles in 2023