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AMD's consumer CPU and GPU sales will drop 6-7% in 2023, but consoles and EPYC will make up for it
AMD is capable of capturing up to 40% of the server processor market, JPMorgan analysts believe
Chinese electric car maker NIO resented the actions of AMD, which announced the cooperation
AMD Zen 4 processors will have twice as much L2 cache as their predecessors
Pre-production samples of AMD EPYC 7773X (Milan-X) chips are already on sale in China for only $2800
AMD EPYC-based HPE servers hacked to mine Raptoreum cryptocurrency
AMD's quarterly results lifted the company's stock price to a record high
AMD EPYC Milan processors will overtake predecessors in third quarter shipments
AMD may increase its server market share to 20% by the end of next year
Today AMD will unveil EPYC Milan, a new generation of server processors based on Zen 3 architecture
AMD introduced EPYC Milan server processors - new cores at old prices, almost
AMD is interested in TSMC's 6nm process - it could be used for future GPUs
AMD: Multi-chip processors need more silicon than monolithic ones, but they are still much cheaper
AMD does not believe Intel will increase competition in the server segment this year
AMD has shown how EPYC runs on Zen 3 and promised more details later
AMD will continue to ramp up the number of cores of its processors
How much to hang in kernels: the practice of using AMD EPYC for computer graphics and special effects
AMD expects Zen 4 processors to make improvements in several ways
Architectural advantages will accelerate growth of AMD share in server segment