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TSMC controls 70% of global production of chips for smartphones
ASUS and Gigabyte are preparing for a 25% drop in motherboard sales at once
MediaTek came out to the leaders by the number of supplied processors for smartphones
Qualcomm leads the market of chips for smartphones with the share of 44%
Video card shipments soared 32% in Q1 2022, but manufacturers' revenue fell
DDR5 modules in the last six months noticeably fell in price in the global market
Graphics card prices in Europe are now on average 2-6% higher than recommended, but there are exceptions
The market is almost cleared of video card resellers - consumers have gone to the stores
In the US, Radeon RX 6000 graphics cards are already selling for an average of 5% more than the recommended price, and some are even cheaper
Desktop processor shipments collapsed 30% in first quarter - AMD fell slower than Intel
The prices of AMD and NVIDIA graphics cards in Europe are even closer to the recommended values