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Microsoft will ban installing Windows 11 on HDDs in off-the-shelf PCs next year
Microsoft unveils mini-computer with Arm chip and AI gas pedal and announces Arm version of Visual Studio 2022
Microsoft fixed a performance issue with AMD processors in Windows 11
AMD and Microsoft will release a special version of the Radeon RX 6900 XT Halo Infinite Limited Edition in the style of Master Chief's armor
AMD turned defective chips from Xbox Series X into 4700S desktop platform
Microsoft will test the performance of Windows 11 with AMD Ryzen 1000 and Intel Kaby Lake processors
Microsoft has introduced Surface Laptop 4 on Intel and AMD processors. The latter are much cheaper.
Microsoft Surface Laptop 4 will get last generation AMD Ryzen processors
Microsoft's upcoming Surface Laptop 4 made its mark on GeekBench with AMD and Intel chips
Microsoft Surface Laptop 4 will feature Intel and AMD processors
Microsoft has asked AMD to help eliminate Xbox Series X shortages
Microsoft has agreed with Intel, AMD and Qualcomm to embed their own security chip in future computers