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Baidu's processor division to reach $2.5 billion in capitalization
Intel and AMD flagships get cheaper in RF stores - Ryzen 9 5950X 14,000p below recommended price
Estimated prices and specifications of AMD Ryzen 7000 next generation processors published
AMD and Intel gamer processors are getting cheaper in RF stores - Ryzen 5 5600X discounted 7000 rubles
Ryzen 9 7950X processor will get up to 37% IPC gain and 5GHz clock speed on all 16 cores - MLID
The first Ryzen 7000X processor tests appeared in OpenBenchmarking
AMD Ryzen 7000 Raphael PC data: 8 Zen 4 cores, 5.2 GHz, RDNA 2 GFX1036 2 GHz graphics
Desktop processor shipments collapsed 30% in first quarter - AMD fell slower than Intel
AMD managed to increase its market share of x86-compatible processors by 7 percentage points over the year
One of the Meteor Lake crystals was shown under a microscope - small Crestmont cores were pictured
Intel has shown Meteor Lake mobile processors live from multiple individual crystals
Intel introduced 16-core mobile processors - 12th generation Core HX family
The first Snapdragon 8 Gen 1+ smartphones are expected in early July