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Ryzen 7000 gets hot because of the thick cover - scalping reduced the temperature by 20 degrees
Intel prepares Core i3-N300 processors without performance cores
The upcoming Core i9-13900KS made its mark in CPU-Z tests, where it beat all desktop processors
You can play TES: Skyrim, Battlefield V and many other games on the Ryzen 7000 integrated graphics
Mobile 14-core Core i9-13900HK and Core i7-13700H made a mark in Geekbench - flagship showed 5.3 GHz
AMD revealed RDNA 2 graphics in Ryzen 7000 processors - AV1 hardware decoding, 4K support at 60 FPS and more
Flagship Core i9-13900K will be able to automatically overclock up to 5.8GHz, Polish retailer confirmed
Future flagship Core i9-13900KF marked up at UK Amazon for around $800
Core i9-13900K packaging showed up in photo - the kit will again include a faux silicon wafer
AMD introduced mobile Ryzen 7020 (Mendocino) for inexpensive and long-life notebooks
European store has revealed Ryzen 7000 retail prices: 16-core - €851, 6-core - €371
AMD admits it's on its way to completely eliminating wafer shortages
Intel has promised that Raptor Lake will overclock to 8GHz and reach 6GHz
Leak confirms that Intel's Raptor Lake processor family will have models on chips from Alder Lake
Intel CEO says that the company will continue to lose market positions, but everything will change in 2025
Official Intel Raptor Lake processor specifications - up to 24 cores, up to 5.8GHz and up to 253W
AMD has announced a new approach to mobile processor numbering - it looks confusing
All Ryzen 7000 desktop processors have a graphics core, but it's not good for gaming
Chinese server processors KaiSheng KH-40000 were noticeably slower than modern desktop Intel and AMD
A Canadian retailer has revealed preliminary prices for Intel's 13th-generation Core processors