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AMD admits it's on its way to completely eliminating wafer shortages
Intel intends to fight the U.S.semiconductor industry's staffing hunger decisively
Intel inaugurated construction of two plants in Ohio - they will start producing advanced chips by 2025
The global semiconductor industry's capital spending for 2021 and 2022 will exceed $338 billion
MIT professor suspected of spying for China helped discover \"best material\" for semiconductor manufacturing
Semiconductor equipment shipments from South Korea to China fell by half
The decline in demand for chips in the second half of the year will hit mature processors the hardest
Xiaomi has invested in a microchip development company - perhaps the company wants new branded processors for smartphones
U.S.Secretary of Commerce urged lawmakers to speed up $52 billion in subsidies for the semiconductor industry
Automotive components supplier Denso is thinking about spinning off its chip business into a separate company
Japanese suppliers of materials for chip production have increased prices for their products
TSMC will build plants in the U.S.</br>and Japan, but not yet in Europe
Semiconductor market in 2022 will grow by 11% in money even in the current challenging environment
Chip shortages are waning and that's bad news for Asian economies
Chinese manufacturers of RAM lag 5 years behind Korean competitors
Qualcomm has made it into Samsung's top five clients by virtue of its chip contract
Former Samsung employees accused of spying for China, experts call for stiffer penalties
NVIDIA has booked TSMC's 3nm capacity by the end of 2024
GlobalFoundries generated nearly $2 billion in revenue last quarter
TSMC's April revenues are up by half year-over-year