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Rumor: Ryzen 7000 will get performance gains of 7 to 10% per clock and can automatically overclock to 5.85 GHz
AMD had to apologize for the confusion with the TDP value for Socket AM5 - Ryzen 7000 can still consume more than 170W
MSI has published a video tutorial on how to install a processor into Socket AM5 and showed a sample 16-core Ryzen 7000
AMD summed up the era of Socket AM4: more than 125 processor models that have sold 70 million copies
AMD introduced Ryzen 7000 - 5nm Zen 4 processors with new socket, above 5GHz and RDNA 2 graphics
AMD will introduce for AM5 platform AMD RAMP profiles - Intel XMP 3.0 analogue for DDR5 overclocking
The timing of AMD hybrid processors for Socket AM5 debut will be largely determined by DDR5 prices
AMD head: future Socket AM5 platform will get long support