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Capital spending in the semiconductor industry could be cut by 16% next year
Intel is losing ground - it could be overtaken for the first time by TSMC in Q2 revenue
TSMC will build four new plants to produce 3nm chips - each costing $10 billion
TSMC will build plants in the U.S.</br>and Japan, but not yet in Europe
NVIDIA has booked TSMC's 3nm capacity by the end of 2024
TSMC's April revenues are up by half year-over-year
TSMC will delight customers with another price hike of several percent
AMD, Intel and NVIDIA processors and graphics cards will become more expensive in 2022 - all because of rising manufacturing costs
AMD is TSMC's third largest customer - only Apple and MediaTek are higher
AMD may order production of some 4nm processors from Samsung in late 2022
Close cooperation between TSMC and Apple made AMD think about choosing Samsung as a chip manufacturer
AMD is interested in TSMC's 6nm process - it could be used for future GPUs
Phase two: AMD and NVIDIA to get 3nm products from TSMC following Apple
Intel DG2 discrete graphics can challenge AMD and NVIDIA graphics cards for $600
The output of gaming consoles severely limited the ability of TSMC to produce AMD processors
TSMC will help Google and AMD to create chips with three-dimensional layout
AMD expects Zen 4 processors to make improvements in several ways