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AMD introduced 6nm Mendocino mobile chips with Zen 2 cores and RDNA 2 graphics for affordable notebooks
A vulnerability similar to the famous Meltdown was found in AMD Zen+ and Zen 2-based CPUs
AMD prepares new desktop processors on the obsolete Zen 2 architecture
AMD unveils Ryzen 5000 mobile processors
AMD has released the Threadripper Pro a second time, but now for the common man
Gigabyte is preparing a motherboard on WRX80 chipset - AMD Ryzen Threadripper PRO chipset will be available soon
AMD's two-year plan for APU revealed: an integrated version of Navi 2 as early as 2021
AMD Ryzen 5000 processor crystals are studied under a microscope: the layout of the cores has really become better
AMD recalled the advantages of Zen 3 kernel layout