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AMD will release 4nm mobile processors with Zen 4 and RDNA 3 next year, and Zen 5 and RDNA 3+ cores in 2024
AMD talked about consumer processors with Zen 5 architecture and mentioned 3nm technology
AMD explained Zen 4 performance gain: +8% from IPC and the rest from frequency
Rumor: Ryzen 7000 will get performance gains of 7 to 10% per clock and can automatically overclock to 5.85 GHz
AMD said the Ryzen 7000 shown the other day reached 5.5GHz without manual overclocking
AMD introduced Ryzen 7000 - 5nm Zen 4 processors with new socket, above 5GHz and RDNA 2 graphics
AMD Ryzen 7000 processors with Zen 4 architecture will provide 15% performance boost
AMD will reveal new details about Zen 4 and Ryzen 7000 on Monday - Lisa Su hinted at
AMD Instinct MI300 will be the world's largest APU with integrated Zen 4 processor
The first Ryzen 7000X processor tests appeared in OpenBenchmarking
AMD Zen 4 processors will have twice as much L2 cache as their predecessors
AMD will introduce for AM5 platform AMD RAMP profiles - Intel XMP 3.0 analogue for DDR5 overclocking
AMD's Zen 4 processors will use 2D and 3D chip layout
AMD head: future Socket AM5 platform will get long support
AMD showed Ryzen processor on Zen 4 architecture - 5nm process, 5GHz, AM5 socket, DDR5 and PCIe 5.0 support
AMD introduced Ryzen 7 5800X3D processor with 3D V-Cache technology
AMD will say something about Zen 4 architecture in early January, but the full announcement will be later
AMD talks about EPYC on Zen 4 architecture: 96-core Genoa and 128-core Bergamo
AMD talks about EPYC on Zen 4 architecture: 96-core Genoa and 128-core Bergamo
AMD confirmed it will release Zen 4 processors and RDNA 3 graphics next year