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\"AMD has achieved the unthinkable\" - the first review of FSR 2.0 scaling technology
NVIDIA opens source code for Linux kernel graphics drivers
First tests of the 16-core mobile Core i7-12800HX - up to 15% faster than the Core i7-12700H, but almost no difference in gaming
Apple has ceded first place in the world by market capitalization for the first time since 2020
AMD will release a driver that will significantly boost the performance of its graphics cards in DX11 games
Australia has invented a self-recharging battery - it needs moisture from the air to work
One of the Meteor Lake crystals was shown under a microscope - small Crestmont cores were pictured
Nintendo and Sony said that the shortage of game consoles will continue throughout 2022
Xiaomi and Lenovo are not leaving Russia, this is fake news from the Western press, experts say
Apple may abandon the Lightning port for the iPhone in favor of USB Type-C next year